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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

1-15-2018 No podcast today

Today is a holiday so no podcast was recorded for today.


1-12-2018 Ward Scott

Ward talks about President Trump's salty language, places where it is not safe to travel, emotional response, Remzey no longer doing the Friday segment.


1-11-2018 Ward Scott & Dance Alive

Ward talks about private eyes, smoke and fire, the Ward Scott Files investigator, stealing federal funds in New York and Google. In the second hour Ward's guests were Gretel Batista and Fhillipe Teixeira, dancers with Dance Alive National Ballet.


1-10-2018 Ward Scott

Ward talks about free press for incumbents, closed primaries, the election of Sue Baird to the Alachua County Commission, current members of the commission, Spring County and Alex. Sue Baird was Ward's guest the second hour. She talks about Corrine Brown, people understanding who is a candidate how their actions help or hurt the voters and education in Alachua County.


1-9-2018 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the Nerd, the football game and the POTUS's visit, Corrine Brown, Bozeman's self-induced butt lift from being half cheeked on his chair and hanky panky in Tallahassee. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about Gainesville City Commissioner, Charles Goston, the Super Bowl and President Trump.


1-8-2018 Ward Scott & Law Enforcement Monday

Ward talks about President Trump the genius, Coach Hog, McCarthyism and getting hit by a car during a demonstration. Alachua County Sheriff PIO Art Forgey was Ward's guest for the second hour.


1-5-2018 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about this being the last show on live radio, people interested in keeping the show live, the removing of history and the POTUS. Remzey talks about the upside of the harsh weather, listener response and Iran.


1-4-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the weather, manly talk, improvements to our country by President Trump, Hillary, the real swamp, California and some local politicians.


1-3-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the weather, closing schools, the democratic party short of cash, Corrine Brown and Ronnie Simmons.


1-2-2018 No Podcast today

The Ward Scott Files took a day of vacation today so there is no podcast. Thanks for checking.


1-1-2018 No Podcast today

The Ward Scott Files took the day off to celebrate the new year. Thanks for checking.


12-29-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about Corrine Brown's new cell number, the professor, federal justice system, students and Roy Moore. Remzey talks about Arabs and liberals don't give an inch, passports, Israel and fox hunting.


12-28-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about a poll on how much negative media the POTUS gets, hitting the hog, poll on what people believe harassment is, the homeless and the hungry. In the second hour Ward's guest was Stephen Strang who talked about his book, "God and Donald Trump".


12-27-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about folks going after the POTUS, Civics Lectures to the seniors, how to get a free education, pronouns, resettled refugees and the tax bill.


12-26-2017 No Podcast today

The Ward Scott Files is taking a day of vacation today. Thanks for checking.


12-25-2017 No podcast today

The Ward Scott Files is taking the day off to celebrate Christmas. Thanks for checking.


12-22-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about what the news will be about for the near future, the tax bill, meeting of the Alachua County Commission, the real reason Hillary lost and Clark Butler. Remzey talks about the National Security Strategy Report that will be covered on his show, BTH on Saturday.


12-21-2017 Ward Scott & Mark Glaeser

Ward talks about Chicago, negative press on tax bill, taking names at the UN and Corinne Brown going to jail. Mark Glaeser talks about Brown, civil rights, other elected officials caught and more on Christopher Chestnut.


12-20-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about words that annoy, Robert Frost, animals and their owners, who are standing up for former Rep Brown and the Trump message to Obama. In the second hour Ward talks to Phil Kerpen, Present of American Commitment who talked about the tax bill.


12-19-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the train accident, construction in this area, female bullies and the Gainesville City Commission.